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Discover How To Make 50K Weekly With WhatsApp

What I am about to discuss with you now can be done if you have a product or not, so far you belong to any of the categories of people below. It is useful for you if;

  1. You run a business and want to make more sales online. Whether you are a business coach, an Entrepreneur and so on.
  2. You want to make money online but you don’t know how to go about it. Maybe you’ve tried a lot of things and none seems to work as expected but you want to take one more step.

In this discussion, you will realize these 3 things;

  1. The major reason you don’t have the amount you have always desired.
  2. 3 weeks therapy that will rapidly change your finances like magic. This is discussed in the video in link below.
  3. The amazing app that can help you earn over 50k to 200k weekly even if you don’t currently have a business. 

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But if you prefer reading the text, let’s ride on.

Ask Yourself

  • How much do I want to make in the next 12 months?
  • Why is that amount not in my bank account currently?

While answer to the first question is personal, let me give you answer to the second question.

The primary reason you have not had that amount in your bank account currently is because of your FINANCIAL THERMOSTAT.

Now let me deliberate more on that.

Financial Thermostat is  the programming in your subconscious mind that prevents a certain amount of money from gravitating towards you.

We have been programmed subconsciously to attract and retain a certain level of wealth. For this to be possible, we need to reset our financial thermostat to bring our desired financial goals to reality.

“You Attract Your Dominant Thought”

How then do you reset your Thermostat to attract the kind of money you deserve and desired?

This requires just 3 settings and are by firstly creating a mental video of you having that desired goal. Do this in the morning and night for like 3 weeks.

Secondly, the mental video you create will now lead to the creation of what is called Personal Recognition System. This system is what activates a connection in your mind. When this connection is done, I bet you, everything around you starts to attract the opportunity that will bring the money to you.

Thirdly, you will need to find means of making money online. Ever since COVID-19 has started its saga, it has given rise to the digital world where people have moved their business online and many have found source of income online. 

It is what you can do too with the guide I will offer you as you read on.  


Why Do I Call WhatsApp The Number 1 Money-making App?

Apart from the fact that operating WhatsApp does not cost anything else apart from memory space and data which makes it completely free, the following listed are the reasons why I consider it as Number 1 money-making app;

  • It has higher organic reach compared to other app like Facebook, Twitter and so on.
  • Over 100 million Nigerians use it.
  • It is the first app that 80% of under 45 years aged Nigerians open in the morning.
  • 60% to 90% of your contact can see your WhatsApp status.
  • WhatsApp broadcast can reach 100% of contact and has an incredible open rate if done well with the tactics I will give you.
  • It is a perfect platform for selling multiple products to the same audience through contact engagement

How To Make WhatsApp Work As Money-making Machine For You

While WhatsApp is free to use and anyone can use it, not everyone can make money with it. It is what it is…

Making money using WhatsApp requires a strategic principle called G.S.T.R principle. 

G – Goal, S – Strategy, T – Tools, R – Results

To be making 50k weekly on WhatsApp, what you need to do is Sell a product that gives you at least 1000 Naira  profit to 50 people in a week on your WhatsApp. 

You might say “This is easier said than done“. Yes you are right. Without a right guide and direction, a plan is on the sure way to fail.

After getting product to sell, you still need the following;

  • Where to get the contact that will be willing to buy.
  • How to prevent your offer to them in such a way that they will pay you and still thank you for collecting their money.
  • How to find hot products you can easily sell on WhatsApp and earn on a daily basis.
  • How to overcome objections and close sales.

Here Comes The Guide I Talked About Earlier

I have a mouth-watering and mind-blowing offer for you.

The contents of this offer is what I used and made over 850k in 3 Days on WhatsApp. 

Here are the things you will get when you accept this offer today;

  1. Two hidden tools in WhatsApp that can generate recurrent income for you and how to use them in the right order.  $50 Value
  2. How to get quality contacts on your WhatsApp who are wishing to buy. This includes the Full Process Strategy + Free Lead Magnet. $50 Value
  3. How to engage your new contacts to keep them always interested in your offer. $30 Value
  4. If you don’t have products, you will get what products to sell and the best selling strategy I use. $50 Value
  5. A life time access to the program, where i will keep uploading support materials that you will get to use. I won’t stop supporting until you get it successful. Priceless

Total value = $180 [81,000 Naira]

If all you get from this program was;

  • Live a life of total freedom and luxury, travel everywhere you’ve always wanted to. WOULD IT BE WORTH IT?
  • Grow your business and scale with revenue running to 6 to 9 figures within a year or two. WOULD IT BE WORTH IT?
  • Make just good enough money to sort your weekly and monthly bills . WOULD IT BE WORTH IT?
  • Spend more time with your family and people you care about and never have to worry about money issues. WOULD IT BE WORTH IT?


As the total value of this program is $180 [81,000 Naira], you can get it for just 41,000 Naira.

If you now decide to take action immediately as fast action taker, you stand to get it for just $23 [10,000 Naira] today.

That is not all, you will get the following as bonus;


Take action fast now by getting it for $23 [10,000 Naira] today only.

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That is all.

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