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Don’t even think of making massive sales with your products on WhatsApp without reading this NOW

Imagine you could:

  • Find a way to sell your products 24/7 on WhatsApp with little or none of your involvement
  • Have a fully functional e-commerce store set up on your WhatsApp without a single line of code
  • Get tons of sales in that store even while you’re sleeping. You just have to wake up and fulfill orders.
  • Get your products to sell out quickly to customers even not on your contact list.
  • Get marketing tools that help you build your business, gain more free time and put money in your pocket weekly.
  • Get about 20 e-commerce clients and also set up this kind of store for them; you’ll be making about 200k weekly.

Are you done imagining?

Then give me one minute of your time and read what I’ll tell you in this page because in it you will see how you can turn these imaginations into reality.

How do you feel

  • When you have a product to sell but don’t know how to sell it except through the usual postings on your WhatsApp status which is limited to those on your contact list and also may not yield result
  • When you have to give yourself extra stress by repeating posts every 24hours or else it’s gone
  • Or after posting plenty of pictures, some of those contacts didn’t view it not to talk of making enquiries about what you’re selling.
  • Yet your fellow business mate are cashing out weekly and you wonder how
  • You want to help yourself by creating an e-commerce website but you can’t afford one right now.. (Developing a fully functional e-commerce website would cost you over 100k)

I bring you Good News, you are before a PROVEN system that works..

In case you don't know me

My name is Grace Omodunbi. I am the C.E.O of Geetouch Food mart; one of the fastest growing food marts in Abuja.

I sell both physically and online and I’ve gone ahead in training over 200 people who have gone ahead in taking a quantum leap in their business.

But it wasn’t this way when I first started.

I had a big struggle just like you, from struggling to market my product everyday to sorting out orders to confirming payments to responding to inquiries and then following up on customers.

And I’ll still have to package the orders for delivery. That’s a whole lot of work, and sometimes one can end up losing customers when there’s a slight mistake.

The breakthrough came for me when I discovered the killer secret of turning my WhatsApp into a fully functional e-commerce store.

You’re really lucky because I will be guiding you to do exactly what I did to start selling massively and make money weekly from that same WHATSAPP people use to chat.



In this course I’ll be showing you how to:

  1. Set your products on autopilot and make sales even while you’re not there. You just wake up and find credit alerts of those who purchased your products and then fulfil orders
  1. I’ll show you how to setup your store in 30minutes without any extra charge for domain or hosting. (P.S: This is not a catalogue)
  1. I’ll show you how to keep sales record and grow your contact list.

This course is just exactly what you need to start out online and keep selling your products (either physical or digital).

Now, how much do you think this will cost?

Normally, the total value you will be getting is N80,000 while the Regular Price is N30,000.

If I charge you that price, it is worth it. But I won’t charge you anywhere close to that.

If you are going to make payment today and NOW, I will give you the privilege to pay just N5,100 ONLY.

You are thinking of getting this course later?

I can assure you that this might not appear again. So NOW is the right time to join this class.

To join the class, click this green button below  NOW  to make your payment online

Otherwise Make A Direct Bank Deposit / Mobile Transfer Into The Bank Account Details Below;

Bank Name: GTBank


Account Number: 0631333785

After making payment, click here to send evidence of payment to my admin on WhatsApp.

I am glad to tell you that if you register for the class today, you will get direct access to me.

If you are thinking in your mind that

“Oh! I really want to do this but can’t go through the stress of setting it up myself”

Do not worry, I have got you covered.  If you fall in this category, read what I have for you below.

I bring to you my


Here, I’ll professionally handle everything for you

  • I’ll be the one to create this store for you and link it to your business WhatsApp line
  • I’ll position both the store and the products you sell to keep driving in more sales daily
  • I’ll set up auto responder for you on WhatsApp that responds to your customers or clients AUTOMATICALLY.
  • You don’t need to lay hands on anything, JUST DELIVER THE ORDERS.


Like I said earlier, if you want to hire a web developer to design a fully functional e-commerce enabled website for you, it will cost you nothing less than N100,000.

So the total value you’d be getting is N110,000. The regular price for this DFY service is N60,000

To prove to you that I’m genuinely here to help you… and show you that this is one of best thing you can do for yourself this year,

I won’t charge you for N60,000. Not even N30,000

But for just N10,200 ONLY

Did you get the whole thing?

You’ll get everything done for you for just N10,200 ONLY.


But the sad thing is that this service may close down at the end of today. I’m not ready to take on many jobs for this Done-for -you service. Limited slots available.

So, you have NOW to make your decision.

To get the WHATSAPP E-COMMERCE STORE DFY SERVICE, Click the button below to pay for it online.

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Bank Name: GTBank


Account Number: 0631333785

After making payment, click here to send evidence of payment for DFY Service to my admin on WhatsApp.


This offer closes soon. Goodluck, See you on the inside