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Do you ever get tired of cooking the same old recipes over and over again?

Do you feel exhausted every time you try to figure out what to eat each day?

Do you want to create a new habit of eating healthy and balanced meals every day?

Do you spend way beyond your food budget for the month or year?

Good news!!!

The Gee Meal planner is a holistic cooking guide that takes away the burden of always trying to know what to cook each day. This guide contains 3 balanced meals for each day of the month. The beautiful thing about our guide is that you can use this guide for a whole year.

I know they are days you don’t just know what to eat even though you have a full freezer. In this age and time, many persons work more than one job, some have side hustles that is just as demanding as their main job. So if you are a busy person, especially Mums who manages the affairs of the kitchen; one tool for success is a Meal Planner. The Geetouch Meal Planner saves you time and energy that will be spent on always trying to figure out what to cook daily. 

The 30- Day Meal Planner is your ideal tool to always know what to prepare,

It takes the burden of planning for your meals off your hands.

It is currently $6/ N3000( e-version)

$10/N5000 for the hard copy, 

Guess what? You get to pay $2/N1000 for the e-copy and $3/N1500 for the hard copy since you are a club member!