Grace Omodumbi 

Did you know that the creation and spread of the internet has introduced a huge trend of changes to business, and in the way the world does business? 

Did you also know that Internet plays a vital role in any business by giving products and services global visibility and there by multiplies sales? 

In fact, the internet made the global market more accessible through immediate connections and lines of communication. 

Cast your mind back to the journey of 2020….. 

The economic impact of COVID 19 pandemic on businesses and business owners was more on those who didn’t have an online presence. 

Take a moment to ponder on this… 

Did you know that while some businesses and business owners were busy complaining and berating the pandemic and counting their losses others were on a roller-coaster of activities online, making sales and building a lasting business brand? 

Have you ever thought of the advantages your business would have if it was visible in the online space given that the whole world is reeling from the negative economic impact of COVID 19 pandemic? 

Beyond any doubt!…… 

Businesses with the competitive edge of online presence made more effortlessly as business activities continued non-stop on their pages online even while they are sleeping. 

Simply put! Increasing online sales is the new strategy and the primary goal of every business owner; large or small-scale businesses alike 


That means whether you run a small retail shop or work for a vast conglomerate, increasing sales through online channels is the “common denominator” and a “way to go”. Hence the reason for this program that you don’t have to miss. 


I am Grace “The Queen of side Hustle” the CEO of GEE Touch World and the Owner of the fastest growing FoodMart known as GEE TOUCH FOOD MART. 

I run an online buying and selling marketing hub for adverts and have recorded a lot of success online with 98% of my customers coming from there with many success stories. [Text Wrapping Break]My aim is to help you scale or start your business. I want us all to Win.  


Can I help your business to experience a global visibility and multiplied sales? 


I have always been a business-oriented person and started out my business as a teenager, pushing to make more, looking for ways to make more profits. Being an IT enthusiast, lover of technology and gadgets.  

I dug into internet and sought for ways to know more about marketing online and yes, I got it!  

I went for courses and trainings on how to use the internet to grow my brand and make more profit. 

I took my business online, gave my brand the visibility it needed to create the customer flow I wanted and so it began, my online success story. 

During the covid19 pandemic I had what I will call “a supernatural sales boost”, yes that what I choose to call it and this only happened because I already had an online presence and strength that experienced an upward surge during the lockdown.   

People were willing to buy our products and services because our brand was known and we had a very high followers base and between 2019 and 2021, 98% of our customers came from our online pages. 

Now I can afford to relax at home taking good care of my husband and daughters effectively and also have a good time, the question you should ask yourself is 

What’s the need of making money if you cannot spend time with family and loved ones? * 

Over the years I have worked and understood the internet and have mastered the act of using it for my profiting and this makes me the best teacher for you. 



but you have to make a personal commitment to your business success.


The Complete 12-Week Intensive Online Mentorship Program for Building A Business Brand of Global Influence, Visibility and Excellent Online Strategies that Multiply Sales. 


  • This program will be teaching business owners how to maximize the use of the internet for their profiting. 
  • In this program, we will be breaking down in the simplest form the various ways you can multiply your sales online and also build your brand effectively thereby creating the much-desired customer flow. 
  • This will instantly answer your many questions and then help to launch or grow your business to a universal brand even if you are currently DISARRAYED, afraid or discouraged. 
  • This program is designed to equip business owners at all levels with Brand Precision, Alignment, Packaging and then Shoot for their target for MORE PRIMES and MORE SALES! 


Get ready for a big treat! 


Back to you…. 


Are you a new or aspiring Business owner? Does it feel like these under listed statements are your present reality? 

🔥My sales are so poor, I feel like shutting down the business

🔥 I don’t have many online followers

🔥 I have zero online followers

🔥 I am losing my brand

🔥 I don’t even know what online marketing is

🔥 I’m am so poor at creating contents for my brand

🔥 My brand visibility is zero

🔥 I don’t know my target online audience

🔥 I don’t know how to start marketing myself online

🔥 I don’t usually get a positive response to my adverts and promo’s

🔥 I am having a poor traffic flow of consumers

🔥 I don’t know how to use social media influencers to my advantage

🔥 I am so frustrated with my online sales

If you are here, it means that you are either about to start your business or you are currently running one that is in dire need of global visibility that will scale up your sales. 

Good News!

This program is just what you needed right now and the good news is that it is not too late to do the right thing.

If you are here, it means that you are either about to start your business or you are currently running one who is in dire need of   global visibility that will scale up your sales.  

Good News! 

This Program is just what you need right now and the good news is that it is not too late to do the right thing. 

Are you EXCITED about this? 


But wait… Why Should I be Part of This? 



HERE IS WHAT YOU STAND TO GAIN when you join my Signature Coaching Program.

1Life time Access to About 12 Core modules, with 3-5 lessons each; with a total of over 35 amazing step by step video lessons on how to launch or grow your business to a universal brand even if you are currently having zero follower. This will be given to you from my proven strategies that can bring your brand, global visibility.

You will go through this life-transforming course, with like-minded colleagues that encourages and challenges you under the same community. 

The good news is, my online training platform works with any smart device; phone, tablet or PC so that as long as you have access to the internet, you can log into your student area and access the lessons at any time. 

You also get a RECOMMENDED course schedule to help you pace yourself according to your availability as a full-time or part-time student. 

When you sign up for the, you get the chance to work one-on-one with me, get access to my entire tech team, personal support from me and much more. 


2. In the Complete 12-Week Intensive Online Program for Building A Business Brand of Global Influence, Visibility and Excellent Online Strategies that Multiply Sales…. 

You can GROW from a complete Starter TO a Business Owner with international repute in fewer days than you can Imaging! Sure! 

3. We will Completely Set up your online Store by building the following:


In this phase we will be working on the practical steps towards the understanding of where you are now and the keys you need to get to where you want to go, starting from the issue of Mindset, Self-Discovery, Business Discovery and Niching down the business idea for maximum output. Basically, this phase will help you in a plan of action, the right people, the right tools that will assists you in running a business of global visibility and multiplies sales. You will also be equipped to find answers to real business discovery questions like: What is my unique value proposition? What is it that my customers really need? How does what I have meet their need? Who is my target customer? Who are the actual buyers? Who are the influencers? How do I want to be positioned in the marketplace? Who are my evangelists? What is my sales process? What are the different stages of customer engagement? Do I have content to support each of those stages? After which you will be honest about what your product and company really have to offer, how you truly stack up against the competition and what it would really take to get you where you want to go.


The second phase and the inbuilt modules is an easy-to-grasp practical based principles that brings your business, global VISIBILITY. One of these principles is branding which is critical to how you and your business are represented and viewed in a global environment. so, in this phase, the significant step in reaching global audiences with many proving steps and tools will be handed over to you. You will be equipped to Be the Brand Your Target Audience Sees. You will learn how to measure your Brand Awareness, Increase Brand Awareness and Measure the Impact of the awareness in Subgroups. You will all so be shown How to increase business visibility to target an international audience. You will also acquire the specifics of HOW to get consistently visible on all the relevant platforms and you will be introduced to the world best practices that has helped many, including the business giants in digital marketing.


This great phase with many practical and engaging modules is designed to help you avoid unnecessary waste of money on underperforming marketing campaigns. with the marketing strategies embedded in these modules, you will discover which audience segmentations are performing best and steer your brand strategy toward developing them. I will show you result-oriented tools and the simple but powerful way to engage SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, Content marketing, Affiliate marketing and Email marketing. You will find out how you can make proper use of Paid advertising to your utmost amazement in few days. You will also be adequately educated on Influencer marketing- finding influencer allies that can boost your company’s visibility. Influencers that can promote your business’s products and content to their social circles, vastly expanding the reach of your message.


In this phase you will be shown that Selling online enables you to sell all over the globe. Your online market is visible to anyone with access to the internet. So, Powerful modules with Strategies that multiply sales are taught. In these modules you come to terms with many tangible principles that persuade and attempt to influence costumer's beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations, or behaviours towards your business. These principles will persuade your customers to buy your products and there by improve your conversion rate. You will also be one on one with the reality of Sales transfers, Pivoting, Simplicity, The Power of Social Proof, The Power of Reciprocity, Sales Techniques, Scarcity, Authority, Commitment & Consistency, Liking and social proof.


  •  If you are a business owner be it products or services 
  •  If you want to make maximum profit from your business 
  •  If you run your business from home or shop 
  • If you want increased consumer/customer flow 
  •  If your brand is not known or has zero visibility 
  •  If you are clueless about using the internet to grow your business 
  • If you are just starting out your business and desire rapid growth and quick responses 
  •  If you don’t have followers on your personal or business social media handles 
  •  If you are struggling to close deals with clients online 
  • If you want to reach a wider range of clients and customers 
  • If you want to increase your followers 
  • If You know how to set up but you don’t have the time 
  • You don’t know how to set up and don’t also have the time 


This is introducing Mrs. Grace Eleojo Omodumbi, the founder of GEE Touch World and the Owner of the fastest growing FoodMart known as GEE TOUCH FOOD MART. 

She also runs an online buying and selling marketing hub for adverts. 

Grace has recorded a lot of success online with 98% of her customers coming from there. 


She’s a Business Coach to entrepreneurs and her mentorship program has produced loads of Successful entrepreneurs and nurtured them to success 


Grace is more than equipped to take your business to the next level. She will be dishing out from her wealth of knowledge and experience, how she was able to break the internet, using it to build an unmistakable brand. 

……….AT A GLANCE……… 

  • Omodumbi Eleojo Grace 

  • Bsc Economics 

  • Certified business manager 

  • Certified Digital marketer 

  • Certified Business coach 

  • Certified Business consultant 

  • Certified Public Speaker 

  • Certified Event Planner and manager 

  • An Agripreneur 

  • A creative and innovative Personnel 

  • A Wife and Mother of 2 beautiful girls 

With this course, you can grow from a complete starter to a business owner with an international repute in fewer days than you can imagine.

What is the Value of Course?

This course is structured in 3 categories:  Bronze, Siver and Golden Categories. 




  • 12 WEEKS access to the complete course of 12 modules of over 35 video trainings that you can access from your laptop or mobile devices. 
  • A comprehensive Work Book 
  • A Weekly Coaching Call 
  • You will be provided with a very comprehensive calendar. 
  • Accountability with a paired partner 
  • Daily prompts 
  • Join the community of other mind-blowing entrepreneurs  


  • So, How Much Does It Really Cost? 


Valued at $1000, but going $500 /N250,000 

(Early birds pay $150/ N75,000) payment for early birds is within 72hrs 


This category is for people who don’t have time to execute all strategies taught to enable them go global. In this category, I engage my team to practically do all the needed deliverables. 

We understand you have other things keeps you busy, yet you are interested in taking your business global.  

This Category is for you 

Here is what you are entitled to:  

  • 12 WEEKS access to the complete course of 12 modules of over 35 video trainings that you can access from your laptop or mobile devices. 
  • A comprehensive Work Book 
  • A Weekly Coaching Call 
  • You will be provided with a very comprehensive calendar. 
  • Accountability with a paired partner 
  • Daily prompts 
  • Join the community of other mind-blowing entrepreneurs 


  • A Free Standard Website for Your Business 
  • We Will 
  • Management of your social media page. 
  • Run Sponsored advert 
  • Set up your Google account 
  • Build your email list 
  • Building an automated sales page  
  • Fixing you on some online platforms  
  • And lots more  

Valued at $4500, but going $1000 or N500,000. 

(Early birds pay $500/ N250,000) payment for early birds is within 72hrs 

You can pay in 3 instalment of 

Instalment 1 N100,000 

Installment 2 N100,000 

Instalment 3 N70,000 

To Join the Complete 12-Week Intensive Online Program for Building A Business Brand of Global Influence, Visibility and Excellent Online Strategies that Multiply Sales! 





Frequently Asked Questions 

How long is this program for? 

What happens if I cannot join now? 

What if I join now and I’m unable to participate in the course/group? 

I’m new in all these online things, will I be able to cope? 

Can I get a refund if I am no longer interested in this course? 

I am a very busy person. How will I cope? 

I don’t like group coaching, I prefer one-on-one. 

So, let me ask you this question, 

Are you ready to launch now? 

Yes? Good!  

Click on the button below now! 




I know. Investing in anything is scary and it should be. After all, there is a LOT at stake.  


However, let me ask you this… 

Can you afford to sit watching from the sidelines while other business owner (probably less qualified than you!) continues to crush it with their business? 

How much money are you currently spending on what is not bringing money back to your pocket? 

What will you do differently if you knew that this exact step of signing on with me will transform your business drastically?  

Answering those questions will help you see how the need for urgency in the decision to invest in this worthy venture.

But that’s not all… 


100% satisfaction guarantee! 

You are fully protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after following this program you are unable to get the promised benefits by the end of the course. Just et me know and I will send you a prompt refund. No stories I value my reputation more than any amount you can afford to pay me. 


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