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Are you struggling to start? Have you tried but clueless?

Help is here!

This is the most comprehensive training to establishing your own 6 figures food mart

The best part?

This won’t only show you how to setup your food mart, but would also teach you how to export your food products internationally without travelling out of the country.

This training would also empower you by teaching you how to scale your food mart business in Nigeria.

In short, if you want a weekly income of 6 figures, then you’ll love to read to the end.

Before I get started, let me introduce myself to you properly. It’s possible you know me before now. But just in case you don’t, at least now you do.


I’m Grace Omodunbi, a Nigerian business magnate and an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience.

I’m the CEO of Geetouch World, a company with subsidiaries: Geetouch Food Mart, Geetouch Kitchen Wares, Geetouch Logistics

Geetouch Food Mart is one of the fastest growing food mart in Abuja. We started out as just a Meat Hub (The Meat Plannet) and Yeppie we have grown into the No 1 Food Mart in Abuja.

Our Goal is for you to find our Products in most African Shops

I’m also an Accountability Coach at Grow With Grace Execution Coaching Programme among others.

I own a bachelor degree in Economics from Kogi State University Anyigba and went on to Pan African University where I studied Entrepreneurship.

Now, enough of me.

Right now, what I want you to do for me is to sit down, relax, and read all the contents on this website. I bet in time you’ll look back and be grateful to God you took the right step.

Are you ready?

Let's get started.. Shall we?


One good thing about setting food marts in Nigeria is the fact that it’s a lucrative business with a huge stream of income. Except you are not a Nigerian, you would know that food business bring quick returns.

With the present state of the country, people are more concerned about their immediate consumption needs and also store stocks for the future.

This has guaranteed that food mart business blooms into an exceptionally immense business for traders.

Since food mart business is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria today, stocking your goods at lower costs to sell at a higher price in Nigeria is one of the ways you can take advantage of this profitable investment.

Numerous individuals earn good cash buying bags of quality food from the south or east to sell in the north where it’s not being farmed.

If you do all the analysis very well you will see that there is a huge profit.

There will always be opportunity in this business for some great reasons:-

  1. Food products have daily demand. Also, the market constitute the One hundred and Eighty million Nigerians who stock their homes with food supplies and other staple products. The wedding occasions, party and other social activities needs these foods to function
  2. It is highly profitable. Buying and selling of foodstuffs is more profitable.

Assuming you bought a bag of ponmo and made N10,000 from it. Let say you bought 10 bags in a week how much is that, N100,000. And you may happen to do so four times in a month, it will give you N400,000…

Imagine you have over 10 products you are selling. The rest gist is history……

But one thing to note here is that;

Venturing into this food mart business without proper guidance and leadings would result you into a huge loss.

The mess that you may never recover from, after discovering that you have no profit and still at a loss delivering to your customers.

But imagine being held in the hand and told the pitfalls to avoid?

Imagine getting the details of top paying clients that would pay you anything to buy from your food mart?

What if you’re being directed as to the kind of high demand foodstuffs to buy to yeild your profit?

You would jump on it right?




If you think you can start this business alone without getting my mentorship, which is getting THE FOOD MART BUSINESS TRAINING…

You better think it over.. Because

You will not only end up wasting time and money, but you will also waste your energy all for nothing.

I’ve been there before, and like I said earlier, I’ve lost millions of naira in this business, so you need expert guidelines before you get started.


This is the reason why some traders struggle for years without making headway in this business. If you want to start seeing good results within the shortest time as possible, MY MENTORSHIP AND TRAINING, THROUGH THE FOOD MART BUSINESS TRAINING is the best way to go!


  • Detailed guidelines on setting up your food mart business in Nigeria
  • 3 months Mentorship and Aggressive push.
  • You will be given initial startup products to sell so you can start making profits immediately
  • How to use WhatsApp for effective sales.
  • Pricing and Profit making.
  • Photography for business.
  • Videos for your business.
  • Marketing that works.
  • Undeniable Sales strategies.
  • How to setup your own e-Commerce store.
  • I will show you how to get Visible online.
  • I will hold your hands till you make sale.
  • All you need to know about Exportation.

That is not all, you will also get the following;

  • Contacts of International restaurants you can market your goods to.
  • Record keeping.
  • I will unveil my complete secret on exporting foodstuffs across the country
  • You will get my secret software that I use to manage my database that gets my customers coming back and back again. This software has helped me know my customers and retain them
  • I will show you the best ways I market my products in Nigeria
  • When you become my student, you’ll get to benefit from my several years of investments and experience. I have taken all the risk for you, you won’t have to go through any trial & error before you start seeing good results.

All that is required of you now is Determination to really work hard.

Do not forget, Determination is the key to success.

I know you love surprises, I have also attached some wonderful bonuses to this training, just for the go-getter


  • You’ll get my eBook on HOW TO START A PALM OIL BUSINESS. [Which contains major contacts of Palm Oil suppliers across Nigeria]
  • You will get my eBook of 30DAYS MEAL PLAN 
  • I’ll be giving you Start-up products [Terms & Conditions highly applied]

But Here's The Sweet & Juicy Part..

To prove to you that I’m genuinely here to help you… and make sure this is one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

I am going to give you a very special offer right now. I hope you’ll be able to grab it.

Here it is.. 

If you’re interested in paying for THE FOOD MART BUSINESS TRAINING and you are able to pay up for the training right now, I will give you huge discount of 50% – 95% to gain access to the “FOOD MART BUSINESS TRAINING” base on the plan you choose.


(But you have a whopping 50 percent discount!)

That means you have the opportunity of paying just N25,000 only if you’re paying now

That is your own reward for being a go-getter

See what happens if you decide to keep trying the same thing and not take this opportunity

  • Your financial status remains the same
  • Later in the future, you will feel very bad for not starting this food business earlier than this
  • You have been losing lots of money all these days because you do not know any of these food mart business secrets, what you don’t know costs you money remember?

“No Grace, I prefer to see you one-on-one for the training”

Alright if you want to take the One-on-One training, you’re to pay N200,000 which is for the VIP plan

However, I am giving you a discount of 50% on the One-on-One training if you can pay within 24 hours before the offer closes (You are allowed to pay instalment for this VIP Plan).


Whether you want to make payment for the general plan or the VIP plan, the payment instruction below is what you should follow.

Make A Direct Bank Deposit / Mobile Transfer Into The Bank Account Details Below;

Bank Name: GTBank


Account Number: 0631333785

Click Here To Send Evidence Of Payment To Admin On WhatsApp And Indicate Mode Of Payment If It’s Transfer Or Online Payment (See down below on how to pay online)


See what our training has done to entrepreneurs like you

Things To Know About The Training

Who Is This Training For?

  • Those that are interested in starting up a business but don’t know what to do
  • For those who have the passion to start this business but don’t have the capital
  • For those who have tried the food mart business but failed several times
  • For those who are success driven and focused on being part of a Million naira food mart business like mine
  • Those who are willing to learn and implement everything that will be taught in the training workshop.

This training is not for you;

If you’re more comfortable growing slowly and taking one step at a time without any proven strategy, this is not for you

And that’s fine, not everyone wants to move quickly

But if you’re someone who wants to go big fast and be in charge of your future and business, then this is exactly what you’re looking for.