food mart investment

Are you interested in creating wealth through food investments?

Would you like your money to work for you by investing while you sit and await returns?

Then Geetouch Food mart Investments is your best bet.

Geetouch Food Mart is one of the fastest-growing food marts in Abuja. We are distributors of foodstuff, frozen foods and fresh meat to market women, caterers, restaurant owners and individuals in and outside Nigeria.

We do both wholesale and retails of food products.

We have two shops based in Dutse traditional market Abuja and a powerful cold room located at Wuse ultramodern market.  We just completed building our second new cold room to meet the demands of our customers.


Grace Omodunbi is a Nigerian business magnate and an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience.

She’s the CEO of Geetouch World, a company with subsidiaries: Geetouch Food Mart, Geetouch Kitchen Wares, Geetouch Logistics.

She’s also an Accountability Coach at Grow With Grace Execution Coaching Programme among others.

Grace owns a bachelor degree in Economics from Kogi State University Anyigba and went on to Pan African University where she studied Entrepreneurship.

Ultimately her goal for Geetouch Food Mart is to become the No.1 food mart in Nigeria where everyone can find its Products in African Shops

Why We Seek For Investors Like You

Because of our exponential growth potential, we’re having more demands than we can supply, so we need to pull in more funds and foods to help us grow more and scale better.

With a client base of over 5000 customers and because of our unique delivery ability to customers both online and offline we keep getting customers over and over again.

Now we’re seeking for investors to come partner with our great company.

Investing in our food investment package is guaranteed to give you a 30% return on investment in 6 months

The items needed are:

  1. Purchase of Frozen/Seafood
  2. Purchase of Livestock
  3. Bulk Purchase of Foodstuffs
  4. Bulk Purchase of Drinks
  5. Deep freezers
  6. Chillers
  7. Delivery bikes/Van
  8. Softwares

Investment Plan

The following packages are paid by the company to the investors within their respective months.


All payments (CAPITAL +ROI) are made at the end of six months

Prospective investors can invest in either of the packages at once.

  • 100k + 30%ROI = N130k (in 6 months)
  • 300k + 30%ROI = N390k (in 6 months)
  • 600k + 30%ROI = N780k (in 6 months)
  • 800k + 30%ROI = N1,240,000 (in 6 months)
  • 1 million + 30%ROI = N1,300,000 (in 6 months)


All payments (CAPITAL + ROI) are made at the end of Eight months.

Prospective investors can invest in either of the packages

  • N2 million + 30%ROI = N2,600,000 (within 8 months)
  • N4 million + 30%ROI = N5,200,000 (within 8 months)
  • N5 million + 30%ROI = N6,500,000 (within 8 months)


All payments (ROI) are made monthly for 12 months while CAPITAL is paid at the end of 13 months.

  • 6 million + 30%ROI = N6,800,000 ( which is N125,000 on a monthly basis for 12 months .
  • 10 million + 30%ROI = N13,000,000 ( which is N250,000 on a monthly basis for 12 months.

Why you should consider this kind of Investment?

Food is essential and a necessity for man because people eat every day. This guarantees that the revenue stream would never dry up.

The pandemic has taught us that the world would continue eating even in the face of death and so investment in the food sector is the way.

Why should you invest with us?

There are so many food investments in Nigeria. There are investments and there are also investments.

So of course you need to be wise.

But one thing that's unique about the GEETOUCH food mart investment package is

We always put our investors in first place.

Meaning that both your capital and your return on investment is super secured. You will get it back no matter what happens.

And we won’t ghost you after you invest, we always make sure that we follow you up every single time with feedbacks to keep you rest assured.

And also, we’ve been in business for over 5 years and our goal is to become one of the top 10 Food Mart in Nigeria so we always make sure we keep this company’s name alive and maintain our integrity.


  1. Even if you put N150,000 in the bank, you can never get 30% ROI in 6 months. But we can do this because we sell every day.
  2. You can start investing with us  with as low as N100,000 and make your money work for you.
  3. We have legal backings to ensure that your investments are safe and guaranteed

Remember that you can’t make money by keeping your money

So invest wisely and get massive returns on your investment.

Invest NOW while the door is opened and get 30% ROI within 6 months.

You can make yourself some money by investing.


Limited slots available. So you need to act fast


make bank transfer of the investment package and amount of your choice to the account below

Bank Name: GTBank

Account Number: 0631333785


We will be glad to Have you as an investor in this fast-Growing foodmart company